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For this first year, I will be focusing on the fundamentals of working with clay, and encouraging the beginners, and the more advanced students to get their hands dirty, get into the clay and have fun!  And if you know me, you KNOW that good food will also be involved!

 “Build your own Ceramic Pot”    Saturday, June 14, 2014

Limited to 6 students

This first class will be something fun that you can do in one day, and will be a good class to prepare you for the more advanced techniques of sculpting animal forms, which will be later in the year.


Also, I will be hosting a one day, summer Raku class .Trust me….if you love fire, smoke, to be surprised and the thrill of uncertainty, you will LOVE Raku! Tentative date sometime in August.

I am also planning a 3 day  class on sculpting animals.  Students will have a choice of either realistic or stylized . Tentative date sometime in September/October.

All workshops will be using Paperclay….before you make a face, trust me…Paper clay is wonderful stuff.  It is real clay, that has paper fibers in it.  Since the paper gives the clay “green” strength, it is great for beginners, since it is not as fragile before it is fired.  Also, the paper burns out when fired, so it is also very “Raku” friendly, and great for sculpting.

Also if you know of anybody who would love to attend a class where there is not only some really cool art going on, but good food and fun, please pass along this information.

Email me with any questions,  to be on my mailing list, or to express your interest in attending any or all!

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